236 Isolation Valves for NPP Tianwan 3 & 4

GateValvesIn March 2017 the last of a total of 236 isolation valves were delivered for NPP Tianwan Unit 3 and 4 in China. The PWR Units 3 and 4 are type VVER 1000/428M and will be equipped by the Russian company Atomstroyexport. The different gate and check valves are designed for the core cooling system, the main steam system and the sprinkler system. The contract includes 84 gate valves type GPS5 NPS 300 and 52 check valves type HKS5 NPS 300 made of forged steel for the high pressure ranges and additional 8 gate valves type GPS5 NPS 600, 68 gate valves type GPS3 NPS 300 and 24 check valves type HKS5 NPS 300 for the intermediate pressure ranges. Despite initial challenges faced during the manufacturing of the valves, all of which were successfully resolved by Sempell in close cooperation with Atomstroyexport and the end-customer Jiangsu nuclear power cooperation Ltd., the project delivery schedule was successfully fulfilled and valves of excellent quality were delivered to the site. The commissioning of the power plant is scheduled for 2018.

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Acquisition by Emerson

CustomerLetterImageEmerson acquisition of the Valve & Controls Business of Pentair plc.
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Project Success at Power Plant Opole 5&6, Poland

OpoleGE Power is building a new coal-fired power plant at Opole for Poland’s largest energy sector company PGE Capital Group (PGE). The power plant will consist of two 900 MW ultra-supercritical units 5 & 6 and once in operation, it will be the country’s second-largest hard coal-fueled facility, supplying electricity to the equivalent of four million homes. The higher steam parameters of GE’s ultra-supercritical plant technology will result in a higher electrical output while burning less coal compared to the other older units in Poland and will enable PGE to reduce its environmental impact and meet regulatory requirements. The steam conditions (HP Turbine inlet 600° @ 251 bar / Reheat 610°C) of the ultra-supercritical design also allowed Sempell to leverage the best of its core power product offerings. As a result GE Power awarded Sempell orders for the valves on the boiler and turbine island. The order included high pressure bypass valves, reheater safety valves and further control, check and isolation valves.

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LEAG relies on Sempell Valve Technology

HDUThe LEAG (Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG) will replace the High Pressure Bypass Valves in the 800MW units A and B of the lignite-fired power plant Schwarze Pumpe (Germany). Sempell was awarded the order to deliver eight valves of type 315 with downstream desuperheating. Sempell has excellent know-how and many years of experience in this segment and provides a universal design with the atomizing steam desuperheater. With this, maximum requirements on control conditions, cooling capacities and steam cooling up to the limit of saturated steam can be realized. Sempell’s special spray steam nozzle meets all these requirements for cost-effective and optimal results of steam cooling by splitting the flow into a central and a jacket steam jet.

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Control Valves NPP Kozloduy (Bulgaria) and NPP Rovno (Ukraine)

20161128_122632_modIn November 2016 Sempell successfully finalized the factory acceptance tests of primary circuit control valves ZBS5, former Babcock type 346-626, for NPP Rovno and NPP Kozloduy. The valves will be installed in the TK80-system of these VVER10007320 reactors. The function of the ТК80 system is the coolant withdrawal from the primary circuit and it is composed of a regenerative heat exchanger TK80W01, bleed water subcooler TK80W02 and the control valves TK81S02 and TK82S02. The valves ТК81S02 and ТК82S02 are designed for the set coolant flow rate to be withdrawn from the primary circuit – “bleed” of the primary circuit. The valves ТК81S02 and ТК82S02 are also designed for the support of the set pressure by the change of bleed water flow rate through the valves during tightness pressure test of the primary circuit. The design pressure of the valves is 17,6 MPa, the design temperature is 350 degrees Celsius. The valve ensures a Kv = 4,6 m3/h and was adapted to demanding operation conditions with high differential pressures to be controlled. The valve is of bellow sealed type with Z-shaped body.

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Containment Isolation Valves for NPP Forsmark in Sweden

NewsForsmarkForsmark 1, 2 and 3 will be equipped with an Independent Core Colling System. In case of an incident of ELAP – Extended Loss of ordinary AC Power or LUHS – Loss of normal access to Ultimate Heat Sink the reactor is feeded with water from an external tank to keep the reactor core cooled and covered with water
Sempell GmbH was awarded to deliver the Internal and External Isolation Valves for this application. The valves will be designed acc. to KBM/TBM ed. 7.0, Safety class 1 and Seismic Category 1.
The Internal and External Isolation valves are installed in series on the downstream side to avoid reversal flow. The Internal Containment Isolation Valve is a check valve type HKS5. The External Containment Isolation Valve is a check valve Type ZBS51 with blocking stem and electrical Actuator.

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Valves for NPP Fangchenggang Unit 3 + 4 in China

News-2016-11-23-FangchenggangSempell was recently awarded the contract for the supply of equipment to Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant unit 3 and 4 in China. It is one of the first commercial reactors of type Hualong-1 (Dragon-1; HPR1000) based on a three-loop design. In August 2014 the National Nuclear Security Administration of China classified the design as a Generation III reactor design, with independently owned intellectual property rights.

The scope of supply for Sempell GmbH includes 6 Pressurizer Safety Relief Valve Stations (PSRV) for the primary circuit and 6 Main Steam Relief Isolation Valve Stations (MSRIV) for the secondary circuit. Both valves systems are medium-operated and are subject to highest requirements for safety, reliability and quality. Sempell has many years of experience with these design applications and their operation in NPPs in Europe, Asia and South America within different types of reactors. The applied MSRIV design was already successfully supplied for NPP Taishan of EPR type in China, now in the commissioning phase for unit 1.

In addition, the company Griss in France, another supplier within our nuclear group, received the order for the Main Steam Safety Valve (MSSV) for the secondary circuit, dedicated to secondary circuit overpressure protection. This is a spring-loaded safety relief valve which will be installed in one system together with the MSRIV.

The success with the Fangchenggang project is a major step for our company in order to strengthen our position in the nuclear market in general. In particular, this success strengthens our position as a reliable supplier for the latest reactor generation designed in China not only for the Chinese but also for export market.

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Lifetime Extension – Spare Parts for NPP Kozloduy 5+6 – Bulgaria

VS66Sempell GmbH was awarded with an order for a comprehensive spare part package, thanks to the good cooperation with IPU International GmbH. The spare parts are for the pressurizer safety relief valves delivered by Sempell and for several control valves, isolation valves and gate valves e.g. type “Eldidor 2000” delivered by the Deutsche Babcock AG in 1985 and 1986.
The valves are installed in the primary circuit and are designed for the most severe operation parameters under consideration of accident conditions. Therefor the refurbishment of these valves is necessary to ensure reliability and safe operation.
To extend the lifetime of the valves delivered by Babcock / Sempell the spare part package includes:
- new pilot valves type VS66 for the pressurizer safety relief valve
- solenoids for pilot valves for the pressurizer safety relief valve
- bodies for the pressurizer safety relief valves
- bellow seals for control and isolation valves
- actuators for isolation valves
- wedge packages for gate valves
- and other wear and spare parts

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