Data Protection

May 2012

The company Sempell GmbH, Werner-von-Siemens-Straße, 41352 Korschenbroich (short Sempell), on whose website this Data Protection Statement is published strives to offer you an excellent service for all products and in every other way. We respect your right of privacy and therefore would like to inform you about the handling of your private data.

1. General information

For many internet users the protection of private data is of great importance and essential for a pleasant and satisfying experience when dealing with the internet. Sempell pays great attention to data protection in order to deal with questions and doubts customers and other visitors to our website may have, and we observe the national and international laws of data protection as well as the corresponding guidelines of the European Community. We assure both customers and visitors to our website that we do not collect your private data unless you put it at our disposal.

Please note that our website contains links to other websites. For these other websites Sempell assumes no liability with regard to data protection, statements on data protection or any other content.
According to common law Sempell, as a provider of information, is only responsible for its own content. Sempell distinguishes between its own content and the content of other providers by indicating foreign content as a “link”. Additionally Sempell only indicates by means of the link that “other content” is available. Sempell is only then responsible for this “other content” if we have (full) knowledge about the content (that includes illegal or criminal content) and if it is technically feasible and reasonable to prevent its utilization (article 5, paragraph 2, TeleDienstGesetz = Tele Services Act).

However, links are “living” (dynamic) references. When creating a link for the first time, Sempell examines if the “other content” might cause liability for civil or criminal reason. But according to TDG (TeleDienstGesetz = Tele Services Act) Sempell is not obliged to continuously monitor the “other content” for modifications which might cause any liability. Only if Sempell finds out or is told that a link leading to a concrete offer causes liability for civil or criminal reason, shall we cut off this link as far as it is technically feasible und reasonable. Technical feasibility and reasonability is not influenced by the fact that after such a link is cut off of Sempell’s website other servers may permit access to the illegal or criminal offer.

2. Data which we collect from you

2.1 Private data

We do not collect private data of people that visit our website unless the visitor puts it consciously and explicitly at our disposal. In no case do we collect private data relating to information about racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical ideology, union membership, health or sexual life. If you only visit our website we collect no private data about you.

In the following cases you have the possibility to explicitly and consciously put certain private data at our disposal and agree that we collect it:
• Requests by e-mail for information
There are links on our website which you can use for sending us e-mails in case you have questions, if you want information or brochures, or if you want to make comments or suggestions. You also have the choice to have personal contact with our staff for information about our products and services. In order to deal with your request we might ask for private data such as your name and phone number.

2.2 Statistical data relating to your visit

Our computers automatically collect statistical data if you visit our website. This data does not contain information about your person, it only records a contact. We keep statistics about the number of visitors of our website, the IP-address, date and time, which pages are looked at, from which domain the access is made and which browser is used. This statistical data is not compared with your private data which you transmitted. This information is only used for an anonymous analysis and is deleted at regular intervals. These statistics help us to improve the efficiency of our websites.

3. How we treat the collected private data and to whom we pass it on

Your private data is used only for the purposes listed below:

3.1 Sending replies

We usually respond to all e-mails concerning questions, requests for product information and services, and other enquiries. We store this correspondence for the purpose of improving our products, our service, our website and for our own business purposes. We usually save addresses to send individuals updates or important information about our products and services. Occasionally these updates or other important information are sent on our behalf by an adherent company or by third party. If you give your private data in connection with a question or request for information about a certain product or service offered by a business partner Sempell, we might send your data to those business partners inside or outside the European Community.

3.2 Support, renewal and purchase of our products and services

We use the data you transmit to inform you about supports, renewal and purchase of our products and services. In addition we pass on the data you provide to adherent companies, business partners or representatives of Sempell (inside and outside the E.U.) so that they can contact you directly with respect to support, renewal or purchase of products and services of Sempell.

3.3 Providing information about interesting products and services

If at all, we only pass on the transmitted data to trustworthy business partners and suppliers of Sempell (inside and outside the E.U.) whose products or services in our opinion complement Sempell’s products and services and might be of interest to you. Our trustworthy business partners or suppliers might contact you directly.

3.4 Providing products and services included in the scope/extent of supply

(in case of having requested specific services or management services)
Additional products or services from third-party companies are included within the scope of certain products and services from Sempell. In this case we might pass on your data partly or fully to the third party (inside or outside the E.U.) so that they can provide the product or service and can inform you with respect to this product/service or an upgrade. We assure you that we have agreements with such suppliers to ensure that your data will not be passed on to other parties (according to Data Protection / Surveillance Act).

3.5 Authenticating your identity

For certain services supplied by Sempell it is necessary / indispensable that we compare some data given in your request / order with the database or another source of information from a third party. Thus we verify your identity as well as additional attributes and make sure that your identity is not abused.

3.6 Legal obligation to disclose and protect licenses

In case of legal obligation to pass on data to local authorities, government authorities, national or international governments or criminal prosecution authorities we shall comply with this obligation (for example disclose a customer’s identity who purchases certain software products to the Office of Export Surveillance, Bureau of Export Administration, the U.S. Ministry of International Trade and Industry according to our export license/authorization). If prevailing laws and regulations stipulate disclosure of data to a third party we shall do so. In addition Sempell can disclose information to verify /detect illegal activities or suspected fraud, to prevent it or to take appropriate/suitable measures, or to ensure that Sempell ‘s contracts are fulfilled.

4. Copyright

All publications, photos and graphics as well as the layout are protected by copyright and other laws for protection of intellectual property. It is not allowed to copy them for distribution or trading purpose, nor is it allowed to modify them and use them on other websites. Some websites contain illustrations that are protected by the copyright of those who put it at our disposal.

4.1 Modifications of this Statement about Data Protection

Essential modifications to this Data Protection Statement will be published on our website.

5. Contact us or our data protection office

e-mail-address of Sempell GmbH: