History Sempell GmbH

1874 Sempell was founded as the Rheinische Armaturen- und Maschinenfabrik Albert Sempell for the production of valves and pumps for the developing industries at that time.

1953 The new factory was constructed on the property in Korschenbroich.

60s Sempell developed valves for the nuclear power industry according to the highest technical standards, and supplied practically all nuclear power plants in Germany and Scandinavia as well as other power plants in Europe, the former East Bloc and South America.

1980 Moved to the current site in Korschenbroich with the newly built administration building which
was awarded a design prize for industrial architecture.

1989 Sempell AG was the first manufacturer of safety valves in Germany to receive the UV stamp (certification according to ASME). This opened up access to the markets in England, America and Asia.

1990 Sempell was one of the first valve manufacturers in Germany to have its quality management
System certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

1991 The plant constructor Deutsche Babcock AG in Oberhausen decided to acquire Sempell – which up until that time had been primarily in family ownership – to supplement its range of products. Babcock‘s own department for valves was integrated into Sempell AG. Sempell‘s and Babcock‘s service were merged to form an independent company, the Sempell Armaturen-Service GmbH. This company had several sites in Germany and with its complete service packages – also for valves made by external manufacturers – became an important business area of the newly created Sempell group.

1997 In the course of the restructuring of the Babcock concern, the Sempell group was sold to TYCO International Ltd. and integrated into the Flow Control division.

1999 TYCO decided to relocate the production of valves from the sister company Dewrance to Korschenbroich.

2000 Sempell was the first valve manufacturer to be certified in accordance with the European Pressurized Equipment Guideline PED, and was authorized to supply valves with the CEmark.

2003 Sempell received the “N stamp” (nuclear certification according to ASME) and the Sempell Armaturen Service GmbH was merged into Sempell AG. With its name, its size and its product range, Sempell AG had become a pillar in the worldwide association of valves manufacturers.

2004 The product group Dewrance was merged into Sempell AG by keeping brand and products.

2009 The product group Intervalve was merged into Sempell AG by keeping brand and products.

2011 Capacity expansion with a 2400 m² extension to the production facility in Korschenbroich.

2012 Sempell was changed from Sempell AG to Sempell GmbH. Merger of Tyco International’s business unit Flow Control with Pentair.

2017 Acquisition of Pentair’s Valve & Control business by Emerson. Integration of Sempell GmbH into Emerson’s – GBU Flow Controls